That Long Ago Snow


The Expression of Violence in Traditional and Modern Art



Rembrandt painted “The Blinding of Samson” in an effort to understand the visual and emotional implications of violence. It is the Dutch master’s most searing and visceral image. In the painting, the great Israelite is surrounded by a group of hostile Philistine soldiers, one of whom plunges a dagger into his right eye. The rage and pain on Samson’s face is palpable, he gnashes his teeth and struggles mightily from his prostrate position against his captors. In the upper center of the canvas, behind Samson, Delilah triumphantly holds up his shorn hair as she rushes from the scene of the mayhem. 

“Samson” is part of a long tradition of violent imagery in the West. In recent centuries, as artists perfected the vocabulary of Illusionism in painting and sculpture, the subject of violence has been a particularly exciting and frequent choice to display one’s craft. Sometimes, as in the case of Rembrandt…

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An afternoon in Köln


Germany probably would be number 2 in our top 10 list of countries we love to visit. (Italy is number 1 and Switzerland is number 3) First of all everything is in order. No hassle of people, not much traffic, clean and tiny, no complicated parking signs, nice nature, nice history (to some extend), nice palaces and museums to visit, nice restaurants, nice outdoor activities and nice cars (which is probably the most important for the boys of my family) with less speed limit.

I have told about how we got our brand new 740 in my previous posts. So after about an hour from the airport, we were in the center of Köln, parked our car and ready to explore this typical European town. You know what I mean by “typical” right? A river, a church, an “altermarkt” and lots of old buildings. Sounds like very boring, but this…

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